Instructions for the Contingent Staffing Self-Assessment Survey

The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) is currently developing a comprehensive competency model for medical-surgical nurses. The competencies are based on an extensive literature review, evaluation of current medical-surgical nursing role descriptions, and the practice of medical-surgical nurses from a variety of geographic, institution and practice settings. A highly qualified task force of medical-surgical nurses from around the country have been working with AMSN and our consultants on measurable competencies across three levels of competence.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we know many of you are attempting to supplement your current staff with new hires and contingent staff. AMSN’s self-assessment can assist you in assessing the competence of this new workforce. It can assist you with placing them in the right clinical area and assigning them appropriate patient assignments or tasks that are based on their individual levels of practice.


AMSN is happy to provide this self-evaluation to you free of charge during the pandemic. All we ask in return is that you are willing to provide feedback to us on how the self-assessment worked for your institution or practice.


We suggest providing your staff members with the role description or job responsibilities and the practice setting they will be assigned to prior to having them complete this survey. The practice settings we identified for this survey are below. If the practice area you are staffing is not included, please instruct the individual to select “Other”.

 - General Medical

 - General Surgical

 - Cardiovascular

 -  Respiratory

 -  Gastrointestinal

 -  Orthopedic

 -  Neurological

-   Oncology

-   Infection Control (HIV, COVID-19)

-   Long-Term Acute Care 

 - Other:


Guidance for Use:


  1. Have the potential employee complete the online survey. The survey should be completed considering the practice setting the staff member will be working in. The survey begins with a question to select their practice setting, and the instructions state to complete the survey based on the patient population(s) they will be caring for. This should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Have the employee print/email a pdf version of the results and submit it to appropriate personnel.

  2. Evaluation Guidance of the Self-Assessment Results: Below are general guidelines to assist you in evaluating the results. Other guidelines may be developed for your needs

    • If the majority of the competency statements are rated either 2 or 3, the potential employee demonstrates the necessary level of practice to provide care

    • If the majority of the competency statements are rated either 0 or 1, the potential employee could benefit from additional training in the identified area(s)

  3. This self-evaluation isnon-exhaustive and should be used in conjunction with a skills or technical checklist to validate the appropriate clinical skills in the following areas, based on your institutional policy:

    • Hand hygiene

    • Donning and doffing PPE

    • Respiratory System Assessment

    • Multiorgan Failure Assessment

    • Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Interpretation

    • Ventilator management (basic)

  4. Each institution should make the determination for practice in alignment with their own internal policies and procedures. Please note: This self-evaluation is NOT intended to be used for any employment decisions.

AMSN understands the strain our health care system is under right now and is committed to doing everything we can to help our members, organizations and institutions as we all grapple with this unprecedented situation. We are pleased to be able to help you during this turbulent time.



Terri Hinkley, EdD, MBA, BScN, RN, CAE

CEO, Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses



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