Medical-Surgical Nursing Pocket Reference


With shifting census from postponing elective surgeries and elective pediatric admissions, you may be assigned/reassigned to medical-surgical units where you will see different patient populations from you normal day to day practice.


In addition, adult patients being ruled out or positive for COVID-19 may be on the unit until they are discharged or become critically ill and are moved to the ICU for ventilatory support.


You know the basics of nursing and many of the interventions that cross specialties. To help those of you who will be assigned to medical-surgical on a temporary basis, AMSN put together quick basic references for the types of patients you as clinical nurses will most likely encounter on medical-surgical units during the pandemic surge. 


The topics selected for inclusion focus on the comorbidities that put adult patients at higher risk for COVID-19 or complications associated with the virus.  


The Medical-Surgical Pocket Reference includes the following topics in this order: 


  • Head to Toe Assessment of Adults / bCAM

  • Respiratory – ARDS

  • Cardiovascular

  • Fluid & Electrolytes - Common Lab Values

  • Diabetes

  • Care and Assessment of the Geriatric Patient

  • Early Warning Score


It can be viewed on computers or mobile devices. Read through and it will provide a fast overview. Then when you need a specific reminder by topic, search using bookmarks or keywords.  

Download the PDF of The Medical-Surgical Nursing Pocket Reference